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Receive a Healing and Personalized Message from Archangel Michael and the Seraphim healing team under the Archangel Crystal lights that are handcrafted, sanctioned, blessed and protected by Archangel Michael

**** Channeled Message from the Archangels for the Week of    ****
"You are trusting your innermost promptings more and more and we are so pleased. More abundance in all areas of your life are ready to flood in now. What brings you harmony magnetizes your desires. What brings you discord pushes it further away. The loveliness of your expanded awareness into more blissful acceptance of what you truly want has created a sphere of love vibrations that create your time space reality to be moments of inhaled goodness with only more sweetness to come. We honor your ability to tune in and listen so intently because it is in that connection we are able to bring even more of your most cherished desires to you in delightful ways." Archangel Raphael

"What Are Archangel Crystal Lights?"

The Archangel Crystal Lights are the most advanced deep healing device on the planet at this time. They work entirely on the light body of an individual to remove any trauma or disease that is stored within the body. It works on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

With these lights Archangel Michael and the seraphim healing team reach in to get all discordant energy that is held within the body to bring the body back into wholeness. As Archangel Michael and the seraphim healing team work on the light body where all disease begins they are able to pull out on the root level any past, present or future issues that are stored within the etheric body.

Rose Light

As this takes place anything that was once able to cause disruption in the flow of energy is removed and released out of your system. They are then able to fill the light body with new blueprints for your body to integrate and return to wholeness.